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IMPORTANT – Our online shop serves companies registered within the territory of the European Union.

In the case of goods exported for sale outside Poland and for customers operating a business there is a possibility of issuing an export invoice and of selling VAT zero-rated goods. However, in accordance with the requirements of Polish Tax Office, we are under the obligation to verify your company details with the European Business Register.

Please give us the current, accurate and complete details of your company (full name, exact address and the European VAT Identification Number) which can be verified on the basis of the European Business Register.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but the requirements of the Polish Tax Office concerning this matter are very strict, indeed. If no full verification of your company details is made, we are not allowed to issue a sales invoice with zero-rated VAT. This is by no means our fault, this is a duty imposed on us by Polish Tax Office. Even a small difference in the details obtained from you, for example in the name, makes it impossible for us to make a zero-rated VAT sale.

If there are no details or if they cannot be verified, we are still able to make a retail sale documented with a receipt. In such cases there is no obligation to verify the company details, but the sale is possible on condition of adding Polish VATamounting to 23%. Needless to say, you may deduct this tax in the course of your settlements with your national Tax Office.

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Please wait for the delivery. We will dispatch the products as soon as possible. We usually need 3 -14 days to prepare a delivery.


Our system of automatic transport cost calculation is not yet available for all EU countries. For deliveries to a country other than the indicated ones, select the option:

   < Other EU country of delivery >

Having selected this option you will get a price which does not include transport costs. Then you can place an initial order in our online shop and the costs of transport will be sent to you for approval in a separate email.


Companies from outside the European Union may also place orders via the cakestands.eu. online shop. In such case, please select the option :

   <Export outside EU>

The prices in this option do not include dispatch costs.

On receipt of your order we will email you the amount of transportation cost and ask you to confirm the order and accept the transportation cost offered by us.